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Application Rates

Application Rates

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Manure rates should be based on the nutrient requirement of the crop being grown to ensure efficient use of manure nutrients and to minimize the chances of nutrient loss by leaching and through surface runoff. Soil testing, manure analysis and proper estimation of yield goal are necessary to calculate proper agronomic application rates of manure and fertilizers. Manure Application Rate Calculation Worksheet illustrates the steps of calculating the proper amount of manure needed.

Manure application rates are limited by state regulations 1.) not to exceed crop N requirement; 2.) certain soil P test levels; and 3.) other field conditions. Please refer to OK NRCS Publication 590 Nutrient Management for P Based Manure Application Rates and use the Oklahoma Phosphorus Assessment Worksheet for calculations.

The Soil Test Interpretation and Fertilizer Decision Support program allows you to calculate the value of manure nutrients based on prices of commercial fertilizers, and to calculate the application rates based on yield goal and soil tests on line. The actual value of manure is more just nutrients. It also has liming effects for acid soils, and adds organic matter to improve soil quality.

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