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Crop Nutrient Needs

Crop Nutrient Needs



There are more than 100 chemical elements known today. Only 16 of them have been identified to be essential to plant

Basic Nutrients: C, H, and O mainly supplied by air and water.
Primary Nutrients: N, P, K
Secondary Nutrients: Ca, Mg, S
Micronutrients: Zn, Fe, Cu, Mn, B, Mo, Cl

Soil, water and air can provide part of the nutrient plants need. The rest need to be supplied through other sources. The amount of each nutrient needs to be supplied through commercial fertilizers or animal manure depends on the type of crop, yield goal and soil available nutrient contents. Soil test is the first right step to obtain information of crop nutrient needs. Soil Test Interpretations lists nutrients requirement for common crops grown in Oklahoma.

You can also obtain recommendation by using this interactive program for a particular crop:

Soil Test Interpretation and Fertilizer Decision Support. 

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