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Hailin Zhang
Nutrient Management Specialist
Dept. of Plant and Soil Sciences
Oklahoma State University
368 AG Hall
Stillwater, Oklahoma 74078

Phone: (405)-744-9566

(405) 744-0354


Extension Program

Extension Program


(published by Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service)

  1. BAE-1734 - What is a Waste Management System?
  2. BAE-1736 - Lagoons for Livestock Waste Treatment
  3. BAE-1739 - Movement of Odors Off-Farm
  4. BAE-1759 - Solids Content of Wastewater and Manure
  5. CR-2201 - Using Biosolids as a Plant Nutrient Source
  6. PSS-2207 - How to Get a Good Soil Sample
  7. PSS-2225 - OSU Soil Test Interpretations
  8. PSS-2228 - Fertilizer Nutrients in Animal Manure
  9. PSS-2245 - Using Lagoon Effluent as Fertilizer
  10. PSS-2246 - Using Poultry Litter as Fertilizer
  11. PSS-2248 - Sampling Animal Manure
  12. PSS-2249 - Managing Phosphorus From Animal Manure
  13. PSS-2250 - Using Stockpiled Feedlot Manure as Fertilizer
  14. PSS-2251 - Selecting Forages for Nutrient Removal from Animal Manure
  15. E-1027 - Poultry Litter Nutrient Managment: A Guide for Producers and Applicators

PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY (published by the Dept. of Plant and Soil Sciences)


Educational Programs on Manure and Animal Waste Management in Oklahoma


Poultry Litter Operators Certification (9 initial hours) and Continuing Education (3-hour annual);


Swine LMFO Certification (9 hours initial) and Continuing Education (3 hours annually) with OK Dept. of Agriculture, Food and Forestry


Waste Nutrient Management Planner Certification (2 days and examination) and Continuing Education (3 hours annually) with Oklahoma NRCS


Animal Waste Management course offered by the Dept. of Plant and Soil Sciences.


Poultry Litter Marketing Initiative

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